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Outsource your payroll
Proper payroll management is often regarded as one of the most time consuming facets of a business’s operations, especially during periods of growth.  With numerous calculations, setting up payment methods, and complicated tax filings to make; keeping up with payroll can be a daunting process. The complicated tax laws surrounding payroll often leave many small and medium sized business owners making guesses instead of educated decisions, negatively affecting their bottom lines. offers several solutions in Toronto, Ontario, and all across Canada to help you outsource your business’s payroll management, so that you can focus your time and effort on running the rest of your operations.
We are proud partners with ADP, one of the world’s largest business solution providers, to efficiently help you and your business:
•Calculate your payroll remittance and net pay
•Set up accounts and distribute direct deposit payments
•Generate and distribute pay stubs through email
•File T4 slips, and email copies to both you and your employees
•File your end of year T4 slips
•And much more!
For the flat rate $29 a month per employee (assuming 1 pay period per month) we will completely take care of your business’s payroll needs.  This rate is all-inclusive, and there are no set-up fees or hidden charges ever involved with our service.  We’ll act as your own personal payroll department, leaving you and your business with absolutely no payroll responsibilities.  Additional monthly pay periods are available at a rate of $10 per employee.
In-House payroll assistance
If your business prefers to keep your payroll management in house, we can still help you work more efficiently.  Our partnership with ADP allows us to grant you and your business access to their powerful and reliable online payroll system.  By purchasing access to this system from us you will not only be able to work more efficiently, but gain access to an ADP account manager and full service support from our own staff as well.  Should any payroll related questions arise, we’ll be here to support you throughout the entire process.
If payroll management is slowing your company down, and you’re looking to outsource your company’s payroll needs or gain access to ADP’s powerful online payroll system you can contact us at 1-416-572-7716 or email us at