Leaders & Advisors

Ms. Cecilia Leung

Beginning her professional career in 1998, Ms. Leung has dedicated all her efforts in building years of experience in data management, business intelligent, accounting, business strategic consultation and technology. Ms. Leung graduated from the University of Waterloo with a BMath degree in Mathematics and Computer Science, and eventually took on the role of a full-time software engineer in Algorithmics Inc. Further into her career, Ms. Leung then joined KPMG LLP and BearingPoint LP, working as a senior consultant tasked with delivering complex consulting and data management solutions to a number of the country’s largest companies and brands in telecommunications, financial services, insurance, government, retail, manufacturing and healthcare. After completing her MS degree in Organizational Management in Minnesota in 2005, Ms. Leung left KPMG to start her own enterprise, establishing an accounting and consulting company that is focused on providing services such as accounting, financial management, business intelligent and controllership to financial institutions, charities, real estate companies, healthcare institutions, oil and energy companies, and start-up initiatives. Ms. Leung works on projects all over the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia, and they range from start-up businesses to Fortune 500 large-scale businesses.

Aside from founding WizeBiz, she is also a co-founder of Guarantius Capital Inc.  She also invests in start-ups and is currently CFO and board members of several start-up companies.

Ms. Mimi Lee

Ms. Lee began her career in finance, wealth management and investment as an Editor for Economic Times in Hong Kong, and a moderator with the ExchangeHK.com, a well respected financial newspaper and stock forum in Asia. In 2003, Ms. Lee started her insurance career in Canada with one of the largest insurance companies in Canada, Clarica, which was a subsidiary of and later rebranded as Sun Life Financial. Her success in the insurance industry, along with her strong financial and wealth management knowledge, problem-solving and training skills from University of Waterloo, and her excellent editing and communication skills, quickly lead Ms. Lee to open her own financial consulting practice under the label of Trufinancial Consultants (www.trufinancial.ca).

Today Ms. Lee successfully holds portfolios for a wide cross-section of clients from family offices, small businesses, retirees and young families. She has an endearing quality that helps her connect with people on a very basic level and it is her trademark signature which keeps her clients continuously interested in her sound financial advice with hard work resulting in finding profitable options that benefit her clients.

Equipped with her Certified ElderStage Advisor (CEA) and Elder Planning Counselor (EPC) designations, Ms. Lee has the expertise and know-how to assist clients bases on each family’s different financial needs when a family member required additional health care support.