Investment & Incubator

Incubator and Investment Program
Incubator programs help startup companies and growing businesses develop and expand through services which may either be material or intangible.
Services in incubator programs may include networking activities and introducing business owners to other entrepreneurs or valuable contacts; office space; training; help with understanding the basics of business; high-speed internet access; access to loans from banks and other financial institutions; marketing assistance; link to other partners or investors; advisory boards and mentors; accounting and financial management guidance; and others.
While start-up companies can apply to get into incubator programs, some programs may deem to accept specific kinds of industries and reject others.
While incubator clients generally spend 33 months in a program, the amount of time may greatly vary depending on factors such as the industry the business belongs to and the business expertise of the entrepreneur.
On the other hand, an investment program deals with a long-term apportionment of funds that will bring about fruition from the initial investment to the stable-income generation stage. Investment programs are aimed at not only seeing a prospect through, but getting to a point wherein the business becomes profitable enough that the business owner is able to make timely payments on interest and principal debts, and to get returns on the capital invested as well as a consistent cash flow. caters to growing businesses and start-up companies that are looking for equity investments and sources of funds. We can help you take off through our valuable incubator and/or investment programs for either a fraction of the cost of other firms and financial companies, or for a no-costs return of equity stake in your company.
Aside from equity and capital, we can offer valuable intangibles such as proper business training and networking. We are business owners ourselves and are competent at creating highly effective business strategies. We can also connect you with other companies, government agencies and organizations that staunchly support shareholders and owners’ initiatives with regards to finance, business and executive management.
We’d love to hear from you. If you are interested in applying for an incubator and/or investor program, drop us a line. Submit to us a business plan or an RFP for evaluation.  The equity stake and exit strategy will be discussed after the evaluation has been made. After all the necessary paperwork and deals have been made, we’ll be there to help you find your way to success.
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