Bookkeeping & Accounting

backgroundBookkeeping is the practice of chronologically recording the daily transactions of a business. Accuracy and completeness are very important in bookkeeping since the process serves as the foundation and groundwork of accounting.

On the other hand, accounting is the system wherein a licensed professional accountant records, classifies, summarizes, repots, analyzes and interprets the financial state and performance of a business. Stakeholders use the data gathered through the process of accounting to makes business-related decisions.

With bookkeeping and accounting both being highly relevant tools in relaying information about the financial activity, performance, and state of a business, individuals and firms that are able to do both reliably and precisely have become indispensable.

We, at Wizebiz, help accounting firms, as well as all other industries, streamline their operations through our highly efficient and accurate bookkeeping services.

Our bookkeeping services are easily accessible through proper document management control between clients, bookkeepers and accountants.  This flexibility means that our offering includes physically picking up and dropping off papers, digitizing data for easy organization and convenience, and employing a cloud solution so that clients and accountants can access documents and software anytime and anywhere.

Our highly accurate bookkeeping, document management and control offerings have allowed our clients to focus on growth instead of mere maintenance and upkeep. Throughout the years, we have proven to our clients that we are able to develop a dynamic working relationship with auditors and accounting partners.

Unlike other firms that also offer basic bookkeeping services, we set up safe and secure systems that allow easy coordination between clients and bookkeepers. Through our tried-and-tested methods and systems, accountants and auditors are able to focus on their tasks without worrying about the accuracy and completeness of their companies’ books.

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